Elle’s journey from a nurse to a hospital administrator to entrepreneur is nothing short of inspiring and informative. Elle was able to recognize how much value she was bringing as an expert in her work for the hospital. Over time she found a way to bring that to the market as a consultant. Those who are working a corporate job who are interested in going into business on there own will benefit from hearing how she gracefully and strategically exited her career and began her business.

Consumerism has changed healthcare; the online forums and social media are avenues for patients to share both positive and negative experiences. Elle’s big ideas was to help healthcare providers manage online reputation and improve overall business. How she manages her business and her time is helpful guidance for business owners.

App Recommendations:

Asana for Teamwork Collaboration and Project/Workflow Management

Zapier for software automation and integration.

Audible for Audiobooks

Book Recommendations

Objections: The Ultimate Guide for Mastering The Art and Science of Getting Past No by Jeb Blount– for sales and marketing strategies