Episode 49 – Brian welcomes author and speaker Jason B Montanez. Jason will challenge you to think about what is holding you back in your life from being your best self. In January 2019, he released his second book titled “I’ve Got 99 Things to Quit And Giving Up is One.” that is a guide to self-improvement by identifying and working on things in your life that are holding you back.

Jason is the self-proclaimed Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion of Quitting.  While consulting, Jason had an epiphany and identified that it’s not so much about what one needs to do in order to realize success, but what one needs to Quit that is preventing them from progressing. For this reason, he decided to start the Quitters movement which removes the negative connotation from the word QuitQuittingis a great thing when one is Quitting the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are counterintuitive to success!

Jason can be found on his website 99thingstoquit.com.